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Merrie Amsterburg
Merrie Amsterburg
Clementine & Other Stories

Original Release Date:  2006

Track Listing
  • 1. Down in the Valley [Live]
  • 2. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
  • 3. Clementine [Live]
  • 4. Streets of Laredo
  • 5. All the Pretty Horses
  • 6. Shenandoah
  • 7. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
  • 8. Simple Gifts
  • 9. Wayfaring Stranger
  • 10. Lakes of Pontchartrain
  • 11. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  • Paul Bryan: Bass, Chamberlin, 8-String Bass
  • Mike Denneen: Engineer, Mixing
  • Jonathan Wyner: Mastering
  • Jay Bellerose: Drums
  • Joe McMahon: Bass (Upright)
  • Jon Lupfer: Engineer, Mixing, Assistant Producer, Assistant
  • John Sands: Percussion, Drums
  • Merrie Amsterburg: Organ, Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Bass, Bouzouki, Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet, Cornet, Drums, Guitar (Bass), Piano (Electric), Vocals, Bells, Producer, Engineer, Bass Viol, Loops, Drum Loop, Audio Production, Toy Piano, Guitar (Baritone)
  • Kristen Smith: Mixing Assistant
  • Traditional: Composer
  • Matt Beaudoin: Mixing Assistant, Assistant
  • Rafi Sofer: Engineer, Editing Assistant
  • Matt Tahaney: Mixing Assistant, Assistant
  • Peter Linton: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Bells, Drums (Snare), Shaker, Lap Steel Guitar, Assistant Producer, Assistant, Hand Drums
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